Where to take your escort to impress her

Whether it is in love or in business, to be the best, you have to distinguish yourself from your competitors. When it comes to escorts, you need to step up your game, and be the best you can be to impress them, and it all starts with a place minimum original and posh for all your dates.

Seduction is important, when it comes to impress a girl in general and an escort Paris in particular. So if you are used to date or seeing one of them, you therefore need to know places to take your crush, to make sure you are her top client.

Where to take your escort to impress her

Luxurious hotels

Since they are used to a high standard life, escorts are not to be taken in cheapest places. Therefore, if you want to make a lasting impression on your own escort Paris, make sure you do not go low on the expenses and take her to luxurious hotels.

Actually, there is not enough luxury for her, since she is used to this kind of lifestyle, so, you will have to ensure you take her to 4 or 5 stars’ hotels, and you will definitely conquer her heart. Luxurious suites, impeccable room service, breakfast in bed… and you will automatically leave a lasting impression on your escort Paris!

Chic restaurants

Just because you are dealing with escorts from 6annonce does not mean you cannot take them out or take them for granted. Most of them accept being taken out for dates, so, taking yours to a nice and posh restaurant will surely leave a long-lasting impression on her. You will definitely get on her good side, and maybe, be one of her top clients.

Furthermore, since they like classy and posh surroundings do not hesitate to choose super chic, high-class restaurants and you will make sure she spends a good moment.

Travels around the world

Oh yes! Luxury travels, escorts love them. Going around the world, discovering new and exotic places while having fun, there is no better way to win the heart of your crush. If you have the means, do not hesitate to offer her trips around the world.

Give her the opportunity to be with you during your business trips or just to relax. You will definitely score some points and this will surely set the mood for all your evenings throughout your trip. She will automatically take care of you and make sure you are treated the best way.


There is no better way to win a woman’s heart than to take her shopping, and they are no different. After all, they are women and they also like to be pampered. If your credit card does not suffer from anything, offer her beautiful possessions, designer clothes, and designer shoes and so on. Taking her to the nicest boutiques and allowing her to choose whatever she wants, is one of the keys of taking down any competition, and cementing your place as the top client she has.